Mad Hopper brewery is located in Töölö, Helsinki, Finland inside the restaurant and brew pub Viisi Penniä.
Our unique space can be found in the bottom floor and basement of two apartment buildings at number 55 on the city’s most famous street, Mannerheimintie. We’ve practically taken over an abandoned garage – and turned it into a top-notch brewery.


Our brewery space is located in the basement floor of an apartment building built back in 1940. The old building and central location have set certain challenges on turning the space into a world class brewery, but we’ve put extra focus on hygienic and durable surfaces and keeping our beer cold – all through its journey.

We could give you some technical details, but who really cares? The point is; we make the cleanest and coolest beer in town. We also invite you to come and see for yourself. Simply scroll down the page, book your spot on a brewery tour and we’ll see you soon!


A good process is vital for the consistent production of a quality beer. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your glass is filled with high-quality liquid.

We’ve carefully crafted our brewing process and equipment such as fermentation tanks, carbon filtering and UV-light disinfection for clean and pure water and an underground vacuum mash hopper – the only one in Finland.


Our Head Brewer Gustavo and his talented team have hand-picked the finest ingredients for our beers. They are (quite modestly) what he considers to be the best possible elements for an outstanding beer.

Our malt is mainly Weyermann Malt from Bamberg, Germany. Also Castle Malt from Belgium will make occasional appearances. The hops will be picked for each beer specifically based on the type of beer we are making.

When it comes to fruity flavours we use the real deal, meaning fruit that comes to us as pasteurised purées. So if we say it tastes like peaches, some peaches have unfortunately been harmed in the process of making it. RIP peaches.