Where to find the maddest beer in town?

Mad Hopper brewery is located in the same space with the legendary brew pub Viisi Penniä. Viisi Penniä will always sell the full selection of Mad Hopper beers and be the first place to have new brews available. As it used to be cool to say in the 90’s: Be there or be square!

In addition, selected restaurants in Helsinki will soon have our beers on tap. Scroll down for the full list of upcoming retailers. We’ll keep you posted on when a pint of your favorite beer is available!


Mad Hopper beers will soon be available in the following restaurants in Helsinki.


Kauppakeskus Columbus
Valkopaadentie 1
00980 Helsinki

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Gate A21

Annankatu 21
00100 Helsinki

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Ylä-Malmin Tori 3
00700 Helsinki

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The Black Bird

Turunlinnantie 8
00930 Helsinki

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The Happy Red Onion

Kauppakeskus Myyrmanni
Iskoskuja 3
01600 Vantaa

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