High-quality craft beer with a fresh twist

It would be great to say that Mad Hopper originates from wanting to make the world a better place. But that would not be true. We just want to make better beer by re-thinking and perfecting the brewing process. And we are very passionate (one could even say mad) about what we do.

Scroll down to read more about our brewing philosophy and what we mean by better beer.

To us better beer means mainly 4 things.
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It's Fresh

We all know that beer is best when enjoyed fresh, cold and in good company. But what might be less obvious is that in order to guarantee freshness, beer should also be kept cold before it ends up in your pint.


We’ve put extra effort into ensuring that our beer is kept cold throughout the brewing process and served as fresh as possible.

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It's Tasty

Believe it or not; water is the most important ingredient of beer! With the latest brewing technology, carbon filtering and UV-light disinfection we ensure clean and pure water with no micro-organisms that might affect the quality of our brew.


We also use real and fresh ingredients. So if we say it tastes like peaches, some peaches have unfortunately been harmed in the process of making it. RIP peaches.

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It's Happy

Happy beer is made by happy and enthusiastic people. We’ve gathered a team of experts and beer lovers that have travelled the world and gained an unbeatable brewing knowledge along the way. 


It makes us happy to make beer that makes you happy. That’s one hell of a happy beer!

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It's Mad

We believe that there is no clear recipe for perfect beer. We encourage innovation and experimentation. Even when it seems a bit mad. 


That’s why we want to provide a broad variety of different beers with one common nominator: High quality without compromises. We promise that every time you’ll have a Mad Hopper, you’ll be positively surprised.